Interview with photojournalist, Michael Goulding



If you fancy yourself a photojournalist or at least have an appreciation for the art, be sure to check out our newest episode where I interview award-winning photojournalist, Michael Goulding.  His career has truly brought him all over the world; covering Olympic games, natural disasters, and presidential campaigns, just to name a few.

I’m hard-pressed to find a photographer in my community that hasn’t learned something from his teachings or had their work critiqued by him.  This interview sheds some insight into the ethical responsibilities required by creatives going into the field, as well as the traits necessary to make a creative living.  Beyond that, I was just thrilled to talk with Mike on a more personal level, listening to his stories from covering the Orange County Fair, to the Rodney King protests to making a portrait of Annie Liebowitz.

Mike’s passion for visual arts is evident, going into detail about living a rich, visual life where you see the world with more attention and appreciation.  It is one of my favorite sentiments that we talked about and an overarching theme that I will reflect on for years to come.

I not only learned a lot during my conversation with Mike, but I also learned a lot in preparation for this interview as I started to deconstruct his work.  One of my favorite qualities of his portfolio are his tableaus, the pulled back frames that force my eyes to scan every face and every corner of its composition.  

That type of imagery is something I feel I’ve lost track of as I’ve dedicated more of my time into portrait photography, and what a wonderful re-discovery it is to be inspired by adding those elements into my future location work.  It goes to show you that a journalist can always make your image better.

Mike’s attention is currently focused on teaching advanced photojournalism at Sunny Hills High school and Cal State University Long Beach, stating that while the industry may constantly change, the demand for good work will always stay the same.  There are many lessons I took home from this interview.  One of the big themes of this episode is “tenacity”, the desire to work the shot long after everyone else has gone home.  Thank you so much to Mike for joining us on the program.  It was a thrill to have him join us and we thank you all for tuning in.

If you’re discovering our podcast for the first time, thank you for checking us out.  You can listen to us on your favorite podcasting platforms like Apple PodcastsSpotifyAnchorRadio Public, and more.  You can follow us on Instagram @media1099podcast.

Be sure to follow Michael on instagram @goulding_photos and support his advanced photojournalism class at CSULB @49er_photojournalism380

All images used have been granted permission by Michael Goulding specifically for this blog and are not to be licensed in any way through Media1099 or Michael Der.

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