Bee Fearless with Bee Trofort



We just wrapped up our May interview with another fabulous creative artist, fitness and athletic photographer, Bee Alyssa Trofort.  She’s a Paul C Buff ambassador and creator of the new Bee Fearless online workshop, teaching and inspiring artists new strategies and creative skills.

I’m so thankful to have reached out to her.  As someone who loves working with athletes, problem solving on location, and controlling in-studio lighting, Bee is a dream guest.  What inspires me is how prolific she is at creating such a high volume of images, while never compromising quality.

Bee’s work never seems stale or tired.  It’s always fresh, always energetic, always new.

For myself, I am significantly more of a low volume shooter by nature.  I like to tell myself that it’s because I’m preventing creative burnout but quite honestly, I’m just dealing with my own fears of producing work that doesn’t live up to expectations.  I went into this interview thinking lighting strategy, and came away thinking about attitude.

Bee covers a lot of ground in this interview, talking about her journey through college, internships, and developing bi-coastal client work.  She dives into building her glam squad, her favorite lens and modifier, and her mood board building process for clients and athletes.  Most importantly, she gives us a glimpse into creating a fun and successful career path.

Despite being a self proclaimed introvert who dreaded photographing people in college, everything about Bee exudes a genuine confidence, which should only act as inspiration to those who feel that introversion and confidence are mutually exclusive.  “It’s about getting your reps in but really finding your inspiration”, says Bee during our interview.

“Success doesn’t come from your comfort zone.” Bee Alyssa Trofort

Breaking out of a comfort zone is a tremendous hurdle for creatives, which can be enforced sometimes by repetitive client work or internalized by the “I’m not good enough” narrative we tell ourselves.  Though never specifically articulated, I left the interview thinking to myself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” and “just go experiment and create”.  She never had to say these words, but something tells me that this is a core principle in how she approaches her projects, her life, and her opportunities.  Being fearless can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but it might just start with diminishing the weight of any negative possible outcomes.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do.

If you’re discovering our podcast for the first time, thank you for checking us out.  You can listen to us on your favorite podcasting platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Radio Public, and more.  You can follow us on Instagram @media1099podcast.

Thank you to Bee Trofort for her kindness and willingness to jump on our podcast, and talk about her journey.  We hope this episode is inspiring to everyone out there, to approach your career with less reservation, and choose to be BEE… more fearless.

Michael Der

Be sure to follow Bee on instagram @bee_alyssatrofort or and check out her tutorials at

The brand new Bee Fearless workshops can be found on instagram @beefearlessncreate as well as at the website;

All images used have been granted permission by Bee Trofort and are not to be licensed in anyway through Media1099.

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